teen_age_rebel (teen_age_rebel) wrote,

fucking bored

at school. wish i didnt have to go, but having an associates degree is like a high school diploma now a days. I've been poor my whole life, i just want to be comfortable for once. feel like a sell out, but that's how life is. People can act like money doesnt matter but it fucking does. I just want it to be over with cuz working and school fucking sucks. I'd rather just work.

oh ya! and I just got back from boston! i'll put pics up next time. it was awsome. wish i could run away to boston

  • CH3 sf and berkley!

    fucking killer band! :)

  • sad :(

    i wanna go get a holloween costumme, but i started up at my 2nd job again, and have a midterm next week! dnt think imma be doin anything for it, :(

  • shaved my head

    went from this to this cant handle all the feminine shit hahaha

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