teen_age_rebel (teen_age_rebel) wrote,


ok so I just started this really popular diet which revolves around a basic vegetable soup.
and like the first day you can only eat that and soup and fruit, the second day vegetables and vegetable soup, and then like banans and milk with soup the day after that, and then like some kind of protein (it says beef but i dont eat that) with soup. It seemed easy cuz you can eat as much as you want of the soup, and I love soup, but i just want some fuckin bread or something, ooh or some tofu. I like love cooking and this is really hard for me. but I'm a lard ass and it needs to be done. I hope it works! has anyone ever tried it before? does it work well? i know its made for heart patients that need to lose weight.

Besides that, I had like insane zombie dreams all night! even after i woke up and went back to sleep! it was rad! hahaha

  • CH3 sf and berkley!

    fucking killer band! :)

  • sad :(

    i wanna go get a holloween costumme, but i started up at my 2nd job again, and have a midterm next week! dnt think imma be doin anything for it, :(

  • shaved my head

    went from this to this cant handle all the feminine shit hahaha

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