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started last week. Man I'm already getting beat down.... can't wait until all the homework kicks in! ugh. oh ya AND i'm moving by the end of the month. My house is like a damn peatree dish for fungus!!! and my fiance doesn't want to move so I'm forced to drag him out of there before we both die! it's really disgusting but I took pictures of how bad the mold is. its pretty insane. i have pictures

the whole wall was like that I took this pic after i cleaned most of it.


once again after i cleaned most of it


I found this while tidying up, we had only rearranged the furnature the week before and it already looked like that when it didnt before





It has grown back that bad a couple times in one month. That isn't even all of it just the really bad parts. We both get off of work late and have to stay up cleaning the walls a couple hours a night before we go to bed. I gave our notice but brian is complaining that he wants to stay and its driving me nuts!!!!! We had to throw half of our shoes/ wardrobe away because mold was growing on it, we had to throw a dresser away too. grrrrr!!!

  • CH3 sf and berkley!

    fucking killer band! :)

  • sad :(

    i wanna go get a holloween costumme, but i started up at my 2nd job again, and have a midterm next week! dnt think imma be doin anything for it, :(

  • shaved my head

    went from this to this cant handle all the feminine shit hahaha

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