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Im going to be married soon....

brian bought the ring but he hasn't proposed which is supposed to be the secret! :) he's so cute. but i don't know how my parents will react. They baby me even tho im out on my own now. I couldn't be happier! No other person could be more perfect for me (perfect in general). We know what each other is thinking, we have the same sense of humor, he's sensitive but VERY manly at the same time, he's hot as fuck!, and 6'5! what more could I want?? Life is going to be awsome. Being able to have sex with your best friend is the fuckin best! (sorry brit, this is gunna have to be the end of our affair) hahahaha jk. i'll still c ya on the side. hahahaha

my baby!

  • CH3 sf and berkley!

    fucking killer band! :)

  • sad :(

    i wanna go get a holloween costumme, but i started up at my 2nd job again, and have a midterm next week! dnt think imma be doin anything for it, :(

  • shaved my head

    went from this to this cant handle all the feminine shit hahaha

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